MAI2017 – Arrival Hengdian 26th Nov

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Mrs. Asia International 2017 – Final Result

Mrs. Asia International 2017 – Final Result (Classic Category)


Top 5 Winners
Classic Asia International 2017 Tourism – SUNGEUN KIM (Korea)
Classic Asia International 2017 Global – RASIKA FERNANDO (Sri Lanka)
Classic Asia International 2017 All Nation – CHENG LI (China)
Classic Asia International 2017 Friendship – GAN LING (Hong Kong)
Classic Asia International 2017 World Peace – MAMTA TRIVEDI (India)

1st Runners-up – LIN LIN (China)
2nd Runners-up – ERLYNA RAHMAT (Singapore)

Subsidiary titles
Best Talent – NILUSHA LAKMALI GAMAGE (Sri Lanka)
Photogenic – THAKUR KALPANA (India)
Charming – SUNGEUN KIM (Korea)
Popularity – JYOTI RUPAAL (India)
Best Performance – WEI LIN (China)
Best Traditional Costume – SUNGEUN KIM (Korea)
Best Evening Gown – NORDELYN JOSEPHINE REICHENBACH (Philippines)
Charity Queen – Ma YanEr (China)

Mrs. Asia International 2017 – Final Result (Mrs Category)


Top 5 Winners
Mrs. Asia International 2017 Tourism – VU LAM (Vietnam)
Mrs. Asia International 2017 Global – AMANDA LOH (Malaysia)
Mrs. Asia International 2017 All Nation – CHILLA CHA (Malaysia)
Mrs. Asia International 2017 Friendship – CHANUPORN BOONNIN (Thailand)
Mrs. Asia International 2017 World Peace – PRACHI MILIND AGRAWAL (India_

1st Runners-up – TIMIKKO SANTOS (Philippines)
2nd Runners-up – RACHANAA JAIN (United Kingdom)

Special awards by Founder and Chairman of Mrs. Asia International (Alex Liu)
Mrs. Asia International 2017 Grand Star World – KARAN CHAN (Malaysia)

Subsidiary Titles
Best Talent – KARAN CHAN (Malaysia)
Photogenic – AMANDA LOH (Malaysia)
Elegance – JOCELYN SANTIAGO MOSTON (New Zealand)
Charming – ANAMIKA GUHA THAKURTA (Singapore)
Popularity – RACHANAA JAIN (United Kingdom)
Best Performance – MELISSA ESGUERRA (Philippines)
Best in Cat Walk – VELINETTE TORRES QUIAT(Philippines)
Traditional Costume – CHILLA CHA (Malaysia)
Fitness – TIMIKKO SANTOS (Philippines)
Best Evening Gown – LI WEN XI (China)
Fiery – RINKU BHAKAT (India)
Charity Queen – CHANUPORN BOONNIN (Thailand)

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Mrs. Malaysia Asia International 2017

Congrats to the champion and runners-up of the Mrs. Malaysia Asia International 2017! 🎉👏🏼

Here are the top 5 title winners last night:

Champion🏆 Chilla Cha
1st runner-up🥇 Amanda Loh
2nd runner-up🥈 Karen Chan
3rd runner-up🥉 Catryn Tay
4th runner-up🏅 Jacqueline Eu

Besides the champion and runners-up, there were 15 other titles awarded to the finalists for their individual charms 🎖🎖🎖

Mrs Popularity Queen – Catryn Tay
Mrs Charisma – Amanda Loh
Mrs Best in Cultural Wear – Amanda Loh
Mrs Charity Queen – Chilla Cha
Mrs Beauty With A Heart – Kimberly Ngoh
Mrs Beautiful Skin – Jacqueline Eu
Mrs Best in Hairstyle – Vicky Wang
Mrs Timeless Beauty – Kelly Choy
Mrs Best in Evening Gown – Amanda Loh
Mrs Elegance – Amanda Loh
Mrs Body Beautiful – Catryn Tay
Mrs Best in Talent – Sarala
Mrs Congeniality Queen – Karen Chan
Mrs Best in Confident – Sarala
Mrs Photogenic – Amanda Loh

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Mrs. Korea Asia International All Nation 2017

Name : YoungMi Kim

Age : 38

Height : 170cm

Weight : 54kg

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Mrs. Korea Asia International Global 2017

Name : Kyuri Kim

Age : 32

Height : 166cm

Weight : 46kg

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Mrs Asia International Pageant official announcement for 2017

Please be informed that ERM Marketing Sdn. Bhd. has terminated working with MMW Group of Pageant Management or Sharon Too Siew Hoon, Timothy Gan Ah Peng and we are not responsible for any commitments made by MMW Group of Pageant Management or them directly or indirectly in regard to Mrs Asia International Pageant with effect from 23rd November 2016. We reserved all rights to our contest and title winners. For all future enquires please refer to ERM Marketing Sdn. Bhd – Mr. Sean Chia or Ms. Alina Wang at


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Mrs Asia International 2016 World Final -evening wear

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