Classic Mrs. Philippines Universe 2014

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Name: Jocelyn Pilarsky

Age: 59

Height: 170cm

Weight: 115kg

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Mrs. Asia International 2014 – 19th to 23rd June 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Mrs. Asia International 2013 – Final Result


The Mrs. Asia International 2013 Pageant world final was 2nd times held at HGH Convention Centre in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 16th June at 6.00 pm. 1,500 strong guests attended the event.

This event is license by ERM Marketing Sdn. Bhd. and organized by Young Collection.

The result of the contest are as follows :-


Mrs. Category  (5 title winners – All winners,  no ranking)



  1. Mrs. Asia International Tourism 2013                  – Stephanie M. Malibiran (Philippines)
  2. Mrs. Asia International Globe 2013                       – Nilanga T. Senanayake (Sri Lanka)
  3. Mrs. Asia International All Nations 2013             – Cynthia Ong (Malaysia)
  4. Mrs. Asia International World 2013                       – Irene Steffen (Singapore)
  5. Mrs. Asia International Cosmopolitan 2013         – Momoko Lim (Malaysia)



Mrs. Asia International  2013 – 1st runners up      – Lubesly J. Tellidua (Philippines)

Classic Category (5 title winners – all winners – No ranking)



  1. Classic Mrs. Asia International All Nations 2013   – Lily Wong (Malaysia)
  2. Classic Mrs. Asia International World 2013            – Christine Moh (Singapore)
  3. Classic Mrs. Asia International Cosmopolitan 2013- Li li Giakoumatos (Singapore)
  4. Classic Mrs. Asia International Tourism 2013        – Candice Tie (Malaysia)
  5. Classic Mrs. Asia International Global 2013            – Aleyca Loo (Borneo)



Classic Mrs. Asia International  2013 – 1st runners up        – Candy Chong (Borneo)


Classic Mrs. Asia International 2013 – 2nd runners up        – Anne Joseph (Singapore)


Senior Classic Mrs. Asia International Universe 2013  – Lam Gek Cheng (Singapore)


Best National Costume (3 winners - all winners – No ranking)


  1. Li li Giakoumatos (Singapore)
  2. Lubesly J. Tellidua (Philippines)
  3. Sharon Too (Borneo)

Best Elegance Costume (3 winners – all winners – No ranking)

  1. Aleyca Loo (Borneo)
  2. Stephanie M. Malibiran (Philippines)
  3. Lubesly J. Tellidua (Philippines)

Best Supporting Husband (3 winners all winners – No ranking)

  1. Nuraiza Knuettel (Singapore)
  2. Nilanga T. Senanayake (Sri Lanka)
  3. Momoko Lim (Malaysia)

Mrs. Kebaya Queen (Top 5 winners)

  1. Erika Matsumoto (Japan) – winner
  2. Lubesly J. Tellidua (Philippines) – 1st Runners-up
  3. Candy Chong (Borneo) – 2nd Runners-up
  4. Aarti Madholia (India) – 3rd Runners-up
  5. Nuraiza Knuettel (Singapore) – 4th Runners-up

Mrs. Elegance                    – Aleyca Loo (Borneo)

Mrs. Best Image               –  Christine Moh (Singapore)

Mrs. Vitality                        – Lam Gek Cheng (Singapore)

Best in Talent                     –  Shalynn, Irene, Nuraiza (Singapore)

Mrs. Community Queen -  Shaylnn Hobelsberger (Singapore)

Mrs. Charity Queen        – Sharon Too (Borneo)

Mrs. Popularity               – Aleyca Loo (Borneo)

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World Final 2013 – Evening Wear Round

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Malay Traditional (Kebaya) Night

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